Buddy Coach Program

Houston Area Region of Odyssey of the Mind (HARO) is starting a Buddy Coach program.

The purpose of the program is to match new or inexperienced coaches with coaches who have several years experience guiding teams through the OM experience. Coaching an OM team is different than other types of coaching, or teaching, or parenting. A coach’s first year or two can be quite challenging.

When a coach has someone they can call or email to ask a question, or seek advice, or to explain part of the process, or just to vent; it can make all the difference, and possibly save a team (and a coach) from having a disastrous OM experience.

We think this will work mostly via email and phone calls or texting, but could involve coaches visiting each other’s OM team meeting to get ideas on how to organize and manage the process for their own team. Of course any Outside Assistance is always to be avoided.

We are seeking a few volunteers who have at least 2 or 3 years coaching experience who will be willing to mentor an inexperienced coach. If you are an experienced OM coach you can imagine how varied the questions will be. You had them, and had no one to ask.

If you are willing to participate in this project (this has never been done in Texas), please contact TomScott@gmail.com. This project is being organized by Tom Scott and Adam Tutt on behalf of HARO, Houston Area Region of Odyssey of the Mind