WF Team Info

We have started updating pages under the Wold Finals Team tab, you should expect continuous updates the week of 4/19:

  • List of advancing teams (posted 04/21)
  • WF Competition in Iowa (posted 04/21)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (posted 04/21)
  • Which shirt? Guide on what to wear and when. (posted 04/21)
  • WF calendar of deadlines and events (posted 04/22)
  • WF Coach Binder (posted 04/22)
  • Why Pin Trading? (posted 04/25)
  • Tentative Team Schedule - search here: 
    Or check our copied web page that will remain up while they prepare the final schedule.
  • Final team schedule is posted  (posted 05/07/18)
  • WF Coach Binder updates: team schedule (posted 05/02), site maps within each building (posted 05/05). Competition campus map (posted 05/06). Howdy Matrix (draft posted 05/15). Team Extended Schedule (v.1 posted 05/17)