Step-by-step process for
Registration to Regional Tournaments

Step 1 for Team Judges: Gather All Information

  • Team Membership Name and Number for the team you will represent
  • Problem the team will be doing
  • Division this team is in. Primary does not have a division but you need to know the Team# when there are multiple Primary teams in a membership.
  • Coach's Name and Email Addresse
  • Also obtain this information for any other relatives that are on other teams. 
    • If you do not know this information please contact the coach. 
  • Skip to Step 2 below.

Step 1 for Community Judges: Determine which Tournament

  • The Houston Region tournament is named "HARO".
  • If you do not know what region tournament is closest to you geographically, please contact

Step 1 for HARO Tournament Staff:

  • Tournament Staff for HARO register in the same Officials' database as Judges. There are simplified instructions for registration.

Remaining steps are for ALL judges:

Step 2: Register Online

At next window, make sure that you select the correct Regional tournament. Judges should NOT register for the State tournament until after the Region tournament.

******** Click on REGISTRATION now ******. 

Follow instructions.

Note: After you complete Step 1, you need to review the summary and re-enter your email a second time in the green box and then click on <Submit>. This is not always obvious if you use a tablet or smartphone.

Step 3: Judge Confirmation Email

  • Print and save your Judge Confirmation email. 
  • Information to note in this email:
    • Verify your name, your T-shirt size, drink/meal preference. 
    • Know date, time, and location of judges training
    • Be sure to follow all the steps needed to prepare for judges training
    • Know date, time, and location of the region tournament that you will be judging at. 
  •  No confirmation email?  You aren't registered!!!  You will receive a JUDGE/TS confirmation email after you successfully register.  (The email can take up to an hour or two to be sent.)  If you do not receive a confirmation email, you must register again.  Contact

Step 4: Judge Login


  • This is if you need to make any changes to your Judge Registration
  • All judges can login to view their registration information, register for additional tournaments, change username and password, or edit/add information to their registration.  You will need your JUDGE username and password that was sent to you in a JUDGE confirmation email.  Be sure to hit SUBMIT after any changes. 
  • Contact if you need assistance.