2-Hr Volunteer Area

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This is the place for teams to register their 2-Hr Volunteer for their regional tournament.

*** 2-Hr Volunteers are not the same as
Tournament Staff (TS) for Houston Area ***

2-Hr Vol are provided by/credited to the Team, whereas TS are assigned larger responsibility and are provided by/credited to the School/Membership.

What is a 2-hour volunteer?

Each team provides one or two volunteers depending on the Region. Most jobs are on tournament day and they span from 2 to 3 hours. Some example of jobs are: putting up signage and set-up, icing drinks, selling merchandise, judge hospitality area, hallway monitors, pin inventory, tear-down, awards set-up.

 2-Hour Volunteer Registration

Step 1: Gather All Information

  • Team Membership Number and School Name

  • Problem

  • Division

  • Coach Name

  • Coach Email Address

Step 2: Register Online

** Link for REGISTRATION here **.

  • Register in the national database (odysseyofthemind.com) for Houston, Central and North Region tournaments. Coaches, please do NOT register on behalf of your volunteer. This causes confusion.

  • If you do not complete Step 2, your team will not receive credit.

  • Please refer to the 2018-19 calendar web page for Volunteer Registration dates, typically opens two months before and closes 3 weeks before tournament. We need time to organize our Volunteers! You can select your task later.

  • Please register as a volunteer by February 17, 2019 for your team credit (HARO).

Step 3: Volunteer Confirmation Email

  • Print and Save your Volunteer Confirmation email.

  • No confirmation email? You aren't registered!!! You will receive a VOLUNTEER confirmation email after you successfully register. (The email can take up to an hour or two to be sent.) If you do not receive a confirmation email, you are not registered, try again and verify that you enter your email address a second time before pressing "Submit". (For questions, please contact houstonvols@txodyssey.org.

 Step 4. Pick your Volunteer Task (HARO only)

Additional instructions here for the Houston Region Tournament only

  • Pick your Task.

  • You can preview the available jobs here. Pre- and Post- tournament jobs are available.

  • Enter your email address: (You do not need to have a password on Signup.com)

  • Please use the same email address that you used in step 2 for registration/team credit so that they can be matched.

  • Review the available tasks. There are approximately 200 tasks. You can sign-up for more than one task. There will be two lists of jobs. One for pre-/post-tournament jobs that can be selected early. This is a good option for anyone who does not want to work during the tournament hours. The second list will be published two weeks before, for on-the-day tasks.

  • BE SURE to review all available dates in January, February and March. Click on each month.

  • You must select your task by March 1st, 2019 but the longer you wait, the fewer choices you will have.

  • You will receive a separate confirmation email for the task as well as a reminder closer to the date.

  • If you need to review or modify your task, please use the link in your Volunteer confirmation email, or the link in the task email, up to 4 days before tournament.

  • If you do not select a task yourself by the deadline, the Volunteer Coordinator will assign you a task, around your team long term schedule. Choices will be more limited then.

Attention: If  you pick a job but fail to register, the team coach will get reminders that they do not have a volunteer. Please help us get it right, we have over 200 volunteers for some tournaments.

You must perform TWO  steps: Register in the national database (odysseyofthemind.com) and pick a job (signup.com).