Regional Team Qualification

Team Qualification Rules for all Texas Regional tournaments except Houston

To be qualified for the Region Tournament both competitive teams and primary teams must complete the following general steps:

  1. Purchase/Renew your annual membership online at the National website.

  2. Register Online. Complete online TEAM registration and receive a confirmation email.

  3. One Judge* per Team. Provide a person to judge. This person must commit to TWO, possibly THREE days:

    1. Judges training (half day or evening),

    2. The Region tournament (full day), and

    3. The State tournament (full day). This judge commitment is only required if the team you represent advances to the State tournament. Judges representing Primary teams are not required to judge at the State tournament.

  4. Team Volunteer requirements vary by Region.
    Two 2-Hr Volunteer per Team. Provide untrained person(s) to volunteer for 2-3 hours for the Region tournament. Volunteers register online and receive a confirmation email. Assignments will be given the week before the tournament.

  5. Payment. Region tournament payment must be received by the published deadline. See Tournament Fee Payment Information for details.

  6. CENTRAL REGION ONLY: Additional membership requirement. Each MEMBERSHIP that has 3 or more teams must provide 2 additional judges. So, if you are a membership with 4 teams, you will provide a total of 6 judges. If you are a membership with only 2 teams, you only provide 2 judges.

*Notes on judge volunteers:

  • Additional judges are welcome.

  • All judges – new and experienced – MUST attend judge training each year. Coaches may not attend judge training.

  • Judges must register online and will receive a confirmation email.

  • Pick a judge that you would be happy to have judge your team.

  • Judges may not judge in the problem of the team they represent.

  • Judges may not change their problem after they have been trained.

  • Judges will NOT get time off to watch performances.

All Training & Tournament dates and deadlines are published on the calendar. Check monthly between October and January for updates. Check weekly from February onwards.