Team Resources

Learning all there is to start a new team can be overwhelming. If there is not already a membership at your school, start here. You may also consult our glossary to help with terms commonly used.

The Houston Regional Director maintains a Coaches' Mailing list each year and sends regular information to Coaches. This helps coaches stay focus on the current priorities and deadlines. Sign-up here to receive newsletters and pre-register for coach training.

Here are some resources to help you understand the basics. Of course, reading the "Program Guide" is a must for all coaches, new and experienced alike as things do change from year to year.

Coaching a Team

Forming a Team

The Team Parents

How Do Teams Compete?

The Problems

Problem Clarifications

The Odyssey of the Mind  2018-19 Program Guide. This is updated each year. Please read carefully the specific sections on Membership (chapter II) and Program Rules (chapter V).

The Coaches' Handbook. This is good reference guide that helps beginner and experienced coaches go through the process of coaching a team. Feedback is welcome!