3-Hr Volunteer Area

This is the place for teams to register their “3-Hr Volunteer” for World. The deadline to register is May 9th so that we have your contact information before making final assignments. There are three possible assignments for volunteer jobs.

1.      Help with pins packaging on May 4 & 5 or pick-up on May 11. This option is available to any volunteers who can physically come to the State warehouse or pin pick up location in Houston. You may sign up for these shifts at our SignUp.Com page (see link below).

2.      Assist/chaperone team members at Opening Ceremonies parade or Float & Banner parade. This will typically be assigned to teams with members walking in the parade. This job takes place at World Finals in Lansing, Michigan.

3.      Help our “Thank You Judges” booth at the WF Creativity Festival on Thursday or Friday or Saturday. For this last task, your volunteer will be assigned one shift once the team schedule is finalized in order to avoid conflicts. This job takes place at World Finals in Lansing, Michigan.

We would like ALL team volunteers to register themselves so that we have their contact information. Volunteers in the Houston area have the option to select a job from “2019 World Finals Jobs in Houston” to help with pin and t-shirt order fulfillment (limited spots). All other team volunteers must sign up for “2019 World Finals Jobs in Michigan.” For volunteers with jobs in Michigan we will begin assigning shifts once the tentative schedule has been published, and finalize them after the final schedule is published.

 Step 1: Gather All Information

  • The email address you check most often

  • School Name and Team Membership Number

  • Problem

  • Division

  • Your cell phone number

 Step 2: Pick your Volunteer Task

  • Pick your volunteer job - pin fulfillment in Houston or shift in Michigan.

  • Enter your email address (You do not need to have a password on Signup.com)