ALl documents are up-to-date on 5/14/19.

Here is the list of all informational documents:
Some documents are large. We recommend that you download/save documents first, before you open them. 

Print this entire checklist, and go through each document one week before WF to ensure that you have the latest versions in your binder.

1. Documents in Advancing Team Packet (ATP) in a combined PDF, handed out at to teams after the State Award ceremony in a yellow envelope. You can download individual documents from the national site or download everything in a zip file, please share with team parents. No change was made to this document, if you have already have it in print.

2. List of documents from your TX Odyssey support team that you need to download/print and take with you to World Finals in a coach binder. Some are large documents, we recommend that you download to your PC first and then open locally. Updates will be listed here so that you have the latest version.

Team Docs

At team check-in, you submit 3 types of documents: Team Contract (one per team), MSU Medical Release Form (one per member), Media Release Form (one per member). All problem related forms are turned in at long term pre-staging.

Site Map

At team check-in, you will receive your dorm and meal plan information, as well as tickets for all events. Also a tournament program which usually includes a full venue and local shuttle map inside the back cover. We have compiled a preview site map for your convenience.

Site Maps within each building can be downloaded here to indicate props storage, entrance, exit, etc.:


Downloaded extract of the Texas teams competition schedule by problem.


Matrix of Howdy Assignments for each team, sorted by date/time of long term performance. Please verify your team's long term and spontaneous schedule. In case of discrepancy, the correct competition time is what is published at the national. You locate your team along the left column by long term time. Then you look on that row for the two (H) boxes indicating the teams and times that you have been assigned to watch (team names at the top of that column).

Volun -teers

This team Extended Schedule is alphabetical by team name. It includes your competition schedule, Howdy assignments, volunteer slot, and for those who have a Buddy team, the schedule of your buddy team. 


List of emergency contacts for our TX Officials in Michigan. We are your support team so feel free to contact us for any need, whether minor or critical. Contact Jessica Gatton for parades, volunteers and Creativity Festival.
Also, please contact our Association co-Director Judy Moore for any team emergency of any kind, as well as questions about event tickets (extras for teams, sharing, swapping).


Please print the WF t-shirt guide in order to verify which T-shirt is worn when. 

Also print our FAQ web page about various events. This also contains description and meeting points for each parade.


For your Howdy, you can print the Problem Synopses. You will be watching teams performing different problems so a refresher of what other problems are will be helpful.