Your Team advanced to World Finals Competition, now what?

Updated 04/21/18

Here is a summary of all the tasks you need to coordinate. And remember to delegate, this is a TEAM effort and it applies to team parents as well.

Coaches checklist for Team

Read all the information provided on this website. This is the general summary, we will keep updating as needed.


Did you miss the advancing team packet (ATP) at Awards? You can find it here as well as all documents published by CCI, MSU and TX Odyssey. This is a large document so be sure to download it first.    

  1. Lots of information at the National website about World Finals. Assign all your team parents to read through it as well.
  2. Register your team for World Finals, right away. The process is the same as for State. Advance your registration the sooner the better, up to two weeks after the State competition (by April 27, 2018). This places you on the competition schedule.
  3. Click to download the Quick Steps flyer and earn $100 discount if you book and pay online timely. 
  4. If you choose to book a WF housing package, make reservations and send payment by April 27th. Complete this task the sooner the better, you can still make changes later until the deadline.
  5. If you purchase any "A" type housing package for at least the total of team members and one coach, you are exempt from the WF facility fee. For example, you can buy the housing package 5 members + coach (team with 5 members only), or 7 members + coach (team with 7 members), or 4 members + 4 parents (team with 7 members). Any combination is allowed to meet the minimum. You can purchase the package for additional persons as well at the same price.
  6. If you opt out of the housing package, pay the WF facility fee by April 27th ($3,000 per team if paid by deadline). Again, if you purchase a housing package, the facility fee is already included.
  7. COU is offering housing grants to a few teams or individual members who need financial assistance with housing at WF. Deadline to apply is within two weeks of the State competition (Apr 20). Details here.
  8. Buddy teams are paired with an International team to welcome them, show them around campus and "be there for them". This is open to teams who have been to WF before or teams who are interested to go the extra mile including additional scheduling and host tasks. While CCI traditionally prefered to assign buddy teams to teams arriving on the Tuesday, they have recently starting assigning to teams arriving on the Wednesday as well. The application form is in the ATP. Deadline to apply is April 27 . Not all teams who apply will be assigned a buddy team.     
  9. Place your pre-order for team T-shirts. While supplies. First come, first served. Sales will open a few days after State competition. Gather your team's order soon.  One order per team will be strictly enforced.   
  10. Place your pre-order for pins (Pre-Orders email with instructions will be sent). They will open a few days after State competition. Place one order for shirts and pins together in order to pay the handling fee once.
  11. Depending on inventory, we sometimes open a flash sale right after regular pins sales close with special trader packs at discounted price. This is typically open for two days only.
  12. Due to time constraints, t-shirts and pins are ONLY available online with credit card pre-payment.            
  13. Coaches have the option to participate in the Coaches and Officials competition. Details are in the ATP. Deadline to register is April 27.
  14. Plan some fundraising. Sometimes, fundraising goes on till summer to reimburse sponsors who helped fund the trip. It takes a village to send a team to World Finals. Don't be shy about asking for help. It will be more effective if the team "works" for it. The national website has some ideas shared here. Don't forget car washes, this is Texas!


·         Review scores and discuss with the team. Remember that the team can choose to change/improve areas of weakness or even start from scratch for World Finals.

·         Prepare a new set of team forms (outside assistance, cost form, style form, team required form, etc.). See the Team FORMS tab in the navigation bar. You can choose to keep the same forms as you had at State or change them.
Note that there is a required Team Contract at WF. It was included in your advancing team packet. You only need one copy of this form, signed by the entire team.
In addition, you should prepare a Media Release for each team member and each coach. This is different than at Region or State where all you had to do is mark a check box during online registration. This yellow Form was also included in your advancing packet.
The Medical Release form is different at WF as it is issued by the hosting campus. Please make sure that you prepare this ahead of time.
Finally, if you have team members from more than one school, you need a written confirmation in any format from the Principal of the other schools. For example, team A has one member from school B, then the coach needs to carry an written authorization (or email) from Principal of school B.

·         Whether you rent, share a truck or ship your props, make sure they get to Iowa within the guidelines set by the WF organization. Several TX teams usually share trucks, use the TX Odyssey yahoo groups to inquire. If you choose to ship, make sure you follow their procedures for labeling, packaging, etc. If you ship through ICU, they deliver directly at staging area for each problem. Be mindful of deadlines.  

·         For family accommodation off-campus, book soon. Hotels fill fast.

·         Arrange for travel. By air or road. Make plans as soon as possible. This is a very large event! If you do not have a car, you can book the special Odyssey shuttle here. The Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau is providing a shuttle service for Odyssey teams and Officials from both the Des Moines, IA (DSM) and Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids (CID). CIT Signature Transportation will no longer be providing a daily shuttle service for flights arriving at O'Hare Int'l Airport (ORD) Chicago, or the Minneapolis-St. Paul Int'l Airport (MSP). 


·         Teams must check-in upon arrival at WF. Dorm assignments are provided at that time, as well as dining hall. See details in ATP.

·         Review location of your long term  competition site, spontaneous, Creativity Festival, as well as all other exciting activities. Map out a plan for each day allowing time to get across campus. Remember, this is a college campus. A free shuttle service is offered within the campus. Here is a site map that we have compiled (coming soon). Inside the program that you will receive at registration is a more comprehensive map which also includes all the local shuttles.    

·         Props are stored in designated locations within the same building as your competition venue. Teams are welcome to go any time and assemble, repair their props. It is recommended to take an old bed sheet to cover your "pile" and add a team identification sign in large print in order to avoid accidents. Competing teams have right of way, especially on busy days.

·         Teams do not provide a judge however, there are volunteer expectations as follows:

·         Each team will have a choice of 2 volunteer activities: a) provide a volunteer for Pin and T-shirt fulfillment and shipping or pick-up (Houston teams), b) provide a volunteer for a shift at the Texas booth in Iowa.

·         Select a volunteer job here (coming soon)  and specify after your name the membership name, problem and division (for example (Jane Doe MyschoolName P1 D3). A phone number is required, please. This is for one person, approx. 2.5 hours shift. Deadline to pick a volunteer job for WF: May 3 so that we have contact details for your team volunteer.  Note: shift times at Creativity Festival will be assigned  to team based on their competition schedule and Howdy but you still need to specify that you will take such a shift and provide volunteer name and cellphone.

·         In addition, we ask that every team shows "Howdy Spirit" by watching several other teams perform. Once the schedule is published, we will be assigning you two performance slots for your team and your entire family to go cheer on. We hope you will consider supporting even more teams than just the assigned slots. Go Texas Odyssey!   

·         Texas Odyssey have prepared a Howdy welcome gift pack for each WF team. Feel free to pick-up from our TX booth at Creativity Festival any time from Thursday noon to Saturday 11 am. Any team volunteer can pick-up. Teams cannot pick up another team's gift packs.    

·         Consult the national web site to find your team schedule for spontaneous and long term performance. Make sure that you check again after the schedule is final as changes do happen that could impact your preliminary slots.   Check the World Finals FAQ for a link and dates when the schedule is posted. Tentative version on May 2. Final version on May 7.

·         We know you are even MORE excited and overwhelmed so ……… delegate, delegate, delegate!


·         If you have questions about T-shirts and pins, contact

·         If you have questions about team process and administration, general information contact anyone in the World Finals Committee who send you weekly newsletters.


·             If you are interested to share the cost of a truck for your props, contact Michele Dahlquist from Houston.        

If you have questions about shared travel arrangements, sharing truck for props, previous experience, contact the OM Community on the TX Yahoo group (