Information about registration for REGIONAL tournaments

All Texas Teams must be current with their membership (new or renewed in the summer). They must register for their REGIONAL tournament using this online system once the team start working on a long term problem. Only teams who complete all their qualifications timely will be included in the schedule.

Deadline to register for any regional tournament: December 15, 2019.

New teams can review this step-by-step guide on what information needs to be gathered and how to proceed with team registration.


Step 1: Gather All Team Information

  • Membership Number and School Name (please do not use any team-selected name)

  • Zip Code

  • Team Members' Names

  • Team Members' school and grade

  • Coaches' Names

  • Coaches Email Addresses

 Step 2: Register Online DUE BY: DECEMBER 15, 2019

Check on the Homepage for the announcement that Team Registration is OPEN for your Region,  then click  REGISTRATION to proceed.

Step 3: Team Confirmation Email

Print and Save Team Confirmation Email

 Step 4: Tournament Fee DUE BY: JAN 31, 2020

The Tournament Fee is payable to the TX organization by every team who participates in a tournament. It is not the same as the annual membership fee, which goes to the national organization. Please do not send the tournament fee to the national organization.

You can either write a check or pay by credit card. Payment instructions here.    

 Step 5: Print Payment Receipt

  • Once the tournament fee payment is received you can login to print the receipt. It may take 7 to 10 days to post the payment.

  • Click here to print receipt

    • Login with TEAM username and password which can be found in the Team Confirmation Email

    • Click on “Summary” (right side of web page)

    • Please PRINT this page once the Balance-Due is $0.00

  • Contact your regional director if there are any issues.