Team Registration for the 2018 Competition Year

Step 1: Gather All Team Information

  • Membership Number
  • Zip Code
  • Team Members' Names
  • Team Members' school and grade
  • Coaches' Names
  • Coaches Email Addresses

Make sure that you enter the member names correctly. Some regions use an automated process to generate participation certificates. Replacement custom certificates cannot be generated.

You will have to enter the school each team member attends.  If all team members do not attend the same school be sure to obtain permission from all principals. There is no special form for this. Also be sure to follow all local school or district rules and all Odyssey of the Mind rules regarding teams from multiple schools.  If you have questions, contact your local Region Director or

Step 2: Register Online DUE BY: DECEMBER 15, 2017

Click  REGISTRATION to proceed. 

Enter the MEMBERSHIP number and zip code.

When you return to your team registration to view or update certain sections later, you use the same link above ("registration"). You would then use the TEAM username and password which can be found in the Team Confirmation Email.

Step 3: Team Confirmation Email

  •  Print and Save Team Confirmation Email

  •  Information to note in the email:

    • Invoice for Tournament Fee

    • How to Make Out a Check or send payment by credit card

    • Address for Sending the Tournament Fee Check

  •  No confirmation email?  You aren't registered!!!  You will receive a TEAM confirmation email after you successfully register.  (The email can take up to an hour or two to be sent.)  If you do not receive a confirmation email, something went wrong.  Contact

 Step 4: Tournament Fee DUE BY: JAN 15, 2018

The Tournament Fee is payable to the TX organization by every team who participates in a tournament. It is not the same as the annual membership fee, which goes to the national organization.

Tournament fee for early tournaments (HARO & North) is due by January 15. Fee for other regional tournaments is due February 10.   

Tournament fee for the State tournament is due by March 24.

The fee can be paid by check or credit card.  See Tournament Fee Payment Information for more details.

 Step 5: Print Payment Receipt

Once the tournament fee payment is received you can login to print the receipt. It may take 7 to 10 days to post the payment.

Click here to print receipt 

Login with TEAM username and password which can be found in the Team Confirmation Email

Click on “Summary” (right side of page)

Please PRINT this page once the Balance-Due is $0.00

 Contact if there  are any issues.