Houston Volunteer sign-up

Registration for HARO 2-hr volunteers is now open. You can also preview pre- and post- tournament tasks to sign up in order to keep your tournament day clear! Check-our some volunteer jobs in early February that qualify for tournament credit.

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Key dates this month

Jan 26:            

  • Houston (HARO) - Deadline for team Judges’ registration. If you are late, please register as soon as possible, so that judges can attend Judges Training on Feb 9.

  • Houston (HARO) - Deadline for Tournament Staff registration. This is for schools with 4 or more teams.

Jan 31:            

  • All regions - Deadline for payment of regional tournament fee (postmark or credit card payment). P.O. are not considered payment, please allow additional time for P.O.

Judge Registration is now open

Judges welcome!

The Houston Region (HARO) tournament is now open for team judges and community judges to register. No prerequisites needed. Judges attend training and then attend two tournaments in the Houston area in the spring of 2019.

This is a great opportunity for those who love watching children present their creative solutions. More detailed information here.

Houston Coach Mailing List

The official mailing list for Houston coaches is open for 2018-19. Sign-up here if you wish to receive newsletters related to Houston Region events, team preparations, tournament information etc. Team Parents are encouraged as well to keep-up with information and deadlines.

Houston Area Events

We have starting setting dates for our Fall 2018 events in Houston: Parent & Teacher Awareness (2 choices), Coach Training (two choices), coming soon Spontaneous Workshop and Balsa Structure weight testing. Check our Calendar and mark the dates.

Tournament dates for 2019

Happy August! Our Regional and State Tournaments have been set. Check-out our Calendar to see dates and venues. Our Regional tournaments are in Southlake (North Region), San Antonio (Central Region) and Houston (HARO). Our State tournament is in Waller, TX.