Judge registration

If you have questions about judge registration:

1) Make sure your team is already registered for the regional tournament. There is a step-by-step guide under Regionals, team registration.

2) When the coach receives the confirmation email, there is a section with information that you must fill in to provide to your judge.

3) Your judge can be referred to the Judge section of the website to read the judge information. Reading that information is part of Judge training, judges can then register with the team information you have provided so that your team can get credit. Coaches are asked not register their judge themselves.

Team Registration for Regional Tournaments

Team registration is now open for all Regional tournaments:

  • Central Region

  • North Region and

  • Houston Region (HARO)

Teams are invited to register as soon as they start discussing the long term problem. This sets up their roster and guarantees their inclusion in the team schedule. Be sure to spell the team member names correctly. Coach can add team members at any time up to a maximum of 7 members. Once a member is on the list, he/she cannot be removed or replaced, even if he/she stops attending team meetings.,

Announcement about Spontaneous

This notice was posted by Odyssey of the Mind HQ recently regarding a person known as the “Spont Master.” Please read:

From HQ on 9/25/2019

Odyssey of the Mind HQ has become aware of someone who is posing as an expert in spontaneous problem solving, under the name “Spont Master.” This person, who is not approved or accredited by Odyssey of the Mind, is trying to get schools to pay a hefty fee for his services. Teams are free to do as they wish but we DO NOT recommend engaging his services.

If your team would like to gain skills in spontaneous please visit this TX site or other official OotM sites for tips.  HQ also has spontaneous kits available for purchase if your team is looking for great practice problems that are prepped are ready to go. Additionally, be sure to check out your regional calendar to see if a spontaneous workshop will be happening in your area.

Be creative. Practice. Have FUN!

Houston Area Events

Join us for our Fall 2019 Awareness and Training events in Houston:

  • Parent & Teacher Orientation (choice of 2 dates) - short presentation on the program. What it can bring to your student. Click here for rsvp. Walk-ins welcome.

  • Coach Training (choice of 2 dates) - full day training with a lot of resources to support new coaches. Short afternoon refresher and advanced tips for returning coaches. Click here for recommended rsvp. Walk-ins welcome.

  • Coming this Fall: Spontaneous Workshop and Balsa Structure weight testing.

    Check our Calendar for detailed locations and mark the dates.

Tournament dates for 2020

Happy Summer! Our Regional and State Tournaments have been set. Check-out our Calendar to see dates and venues. Our Regional tournaments are in Southlake (North Region), San Antonio (Central Region) and Houston (HARO). Our State tournament is in Houston, TX.