Membership Resources

The Membership Coordinator

For each “Membership”, there is a Membership Coordinator. This person serves as the conduit through which information flows. They receive the problems from the international organization (CCI), and communication and information from their Regional Director (HARO, North TX, Central TX).

Have you received the full problems this year? If not, be sure to purchase/renew your annual membership here. The contact person on your membership should be the Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator for the school, not the billing contact. The new problems are available on-line around mid-August and hard-copies are mailed to Membership Coordinators in September.

The Coordinator can be a teacher, Magnet or G/T Coordinator, or a parent. 

The Coordinator often sets-up a table at a Back-to-school event to provide information to new parents, publishes information in the school newsletter, organizes Parent Orientation sessions and/or promotes any free events organized by the specific region.

The Coordinator helps form teams, helps implement the regional team qualifications to ensure that there is no conflict between team preferences and organizes Membership level volunteers.

The Coordinator often has a dual role and could be a team Coach.

Other Materials

Procedures vary among Texas Regions. The following materials can help you disseminate program information within your school. Most of the resources shared below by Houston apply to all TX regions:

Parent/Teacher Information Brochure about OotM and Stem.

"A Creative Experience", introductory 10 minute video from CCI.

HARO facts and dates sheet. This contains the key dates for 2019-20. Check the online calendar for most recent updates.

OotM at a Glance. This contains an overview of the program in Houston, with team qualifications and information about Coach Training sessions for 2019-20.