Welcome, Judges and Officials at the TX State Tournament.

EXPERIENCED Judges from the 2019 Region Tournaments

Don't forget your funny hats!

Don't forget your funny hats!

Login with your existing login and password for 2019. Click on "Sign-up for additional tournaments". Click on the state of Texas in the colored map. Then select the Texas State tournament. All your information will be brought over. Please verify all your contacts, email address, etc. Also verify the entry under address2 (this would be your coded drink/meal preference).

Judges/Officials who HAVE NOT participated in a region tournament the current year.

Please have permission from the State Judge Coordinator to register this way. For permission, email statejudge@txodyssey.org.

Judges/Officials Travelling from outside Houston

We have several hotel block booking for out of town State judges and teams. The recommended Judges & Officials hotel is (coming soon).

You can receive reimbursement for some expenses whether you opt for any of the group booking or make your own arrangements. Check the State Judge Hotel/Travel web page for more details.

Need Help?

For help finding username and password,  email the StateJudge Coordinator at statejudge@txodyssey.org