Judges/Officials Travel and Reimbursement Procedure

Hotels for 2018


Odyssey of the Mind has reserved group blocks in the several hotels for Judges/Officials and teams coming from outside Houston. You have the option to select the recommended judge hotel (Houston Marriott Westchase) or stay with your team, or other hotel of your choice.

We ask that you book and pay your own room, whether in a contracted hotel or other, and then submit the receipt for reimbursement. 

If you need a special arrangement, you must contact us at statejudge@txodyssey.org by March 14, 2018 . This includes but is not limited to:

  • If you have difficulty meeting the pre-payment and you wish to ask for  pre-paid arrangements by Odyssey. 
  • If you are travelling alone and wish to be assigned a roommate in order to avoid paying the other half yourself.
  • In either situation, you still need to submit your travel reimbursement request.

The "maximum reimbursement" is $57.92 per official (per qualifying night). This is based on half the contracted room rate at the recommended judge hotel ($99/2 + tax). You will be reimbursed the actual cost of your hotel (half the room rate on your bill + tax) up to the maximum reimbursement.

Movies and other personal charges are not covered.
The sooner you submit your reimbursement form, the better. Deadline to submit: April 4, 2018 in order to get reimbursed on tournament weekend.



Mileage will be reimbursed if you travel 150 miles or more (one way). The approved rate for 2018 is$0.14 per mile. You must submit this in the reimbursement form, whether or not you claim for hotel reimbursement as well.

We indicate "one way" everywhere for consistency in the calculations. We do reimburse round trip expenses.

procedure To submit your Judge or official Hotel/Mileage Reimbursement:

Step 1: Obtain Team Information for the team your are representing at state, membership name, membership number, problem number, division, coach's name and email and know your Odyssey Region. Advance your judge registration to State.

Step 2: Make your hotel reservation.

Step 3: Fill out and submit online Judges Reimbursement Form at the latest whether you stay at the Official hotels or not. You (and/or your qualifying roommate) must do this. The deadline to submit your request online is April 4, in order to get your check at the tournament. You can still submit and mail in your receipts by April 30. The check will be mailed to you.
Note: We only reimburse/pay for Saturday night if you attend the Association meeting on Sunday. 

Step 4: If you cancel your plans. Contact the  State Judge Coordinator.  If you don't cancel your reservation with the hotel, they may charge you up to one night's full rate which will not be reimbursed by Odyssey. 

Step 5:

  • a) Print your Reimbursement Form while you submit it. You only need to submit page one.
  • b) For hotel expense: Obtain and attach your actual hotel receipt. A reservation confirmation or check-in slip is not sufficient for reimbursement. Also, hotel paid with points will not be reimbursed. You must bring the receipt of payment in dollars. 
  • c) For mileage expense: Print one-page map from your school/home and attach to your reimbursement form to justify the mileage.
  • d) Bring to Judges check-in or Volunteer desk on Saturday morning .
  • e) Your check will only be ready before end of day, if you have submitted the Judge Travel Form online by the deadline (see Step 3 above) and brought all appropriate receipts by 10 am on tournament day.
  • f) or bring to Association Meeting on Sunday include second night at hotel. Your check will be issued after the meeting if all receipts are accurate, or mailed later.

Note: You can still submit your reimbursement request later, until April 30th, and mail in all receipts. The address to mail it in is:

Odyssey of the Mind - Texas
10245 Kempwood Drive, #121
Houston, TX 77043-1803