The State tournament in 2019 will take place on April 6 (all day) at Waller High School, 20950 Fields Store Road, Waller, TX 77484

6:30 pm Award ceremony at Waller High School.


We have compiled a lot of information to answer questions you may have, whether you are a Coach, Volunteer or Visitor. Please browse all the documentation provided and check again frequently as we will be updating these pages with links starting March 11. We anticipate latest versions to be published Wednesday evening, April 3rd.

Document updates will be listed here, right up until Tournament day.

3/25/19 Team schedule published.
3/26/19 Maps updated (v.3). Pins and T-shirt flyer.
3/28/19 Invitation flyer for Team Mixer is published (Updated).
3/30/19 Tournament Flyer for your guests/visitors is published. Check out the new form to fill in your team information, before you share it.
4/3/19 Updated Waller HS map is published (v.6), parking map (v.5)
4/4/19 Updated Tournament Information Packet (“TIP”) is published (v.7). Changes to parking and access are highlighted in yellow.

Important note: You will have better website performance if you download a file to your PC before opening. Please share with your team families.

Info for visitors

Our tournaments are open to the public. We welcome family members, teams who have not advanced, prospective students, etc. Due to limitations with parking near the school, we strongly recommend that you carpool. Coaches, please download your visitor flyer, fill in your team information and then share with team parents, and other school Officials. Please print your own materials ahead of the tournament as our printed resources are limited. This includes the team schedule, school competition maps, parking instructions and map (links below).

Welcome to the TX State Tournament.

In addition to detailed documents we are compiling with preparation on-the-day tournament information, here is a quick set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is my team competing?

A: The team schedule will be published about 10 days before tournament. 

 Q: Where is my team competing?

A: The Tournament Information Packet ("TIP") will outline all the information that you need to know. What happens, where, when, etc.  

Q: Can we watch the teams compete?

A: Family and friends are welcome to watch teams present their long term performance. Please ensure you are seated in time. Some venues will not allow doors to be opened during a performance. Teams and visitors are encouraged to watch other teams perform as well as other problems.
Caution to audience: Interacting with the team before or during performance could be interpreted as outside assistance.
No audience is allowed in the spontaneous tournament rooms.

 Q: Who goes to the Awards Ceremony?

A: Due to fire code restrictions, only competing teams are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony, with their family & friends. This is a free event.

Q: Is your team having a good time?

A: On tournament day, we set-up a table in the cafeteria with crafts. We ask that teams stop by in the morning to fill in a personal Thank You card for our volunteer judges and Officials.