2-Hr Volunteer Area

This is the place for teams to register their 2-Hr Volunteer for the State tournament.

 2-Hour Volunteer Registration

Step 1: Gather All Information

  • Team Membership Number and School Name

  • Problem

  • Division

  • Coach Name

  • Coach Email Address

Step 2: Register Online

  • Register in the national database (odysseyofthemind.com) for the State tournament. Coaches, please do NOT register on behalf of your volunteer. This causes confusion.

  • If you do not complete Step 2, your team will not receive credit.

  • Please register as a volunteer by March 22, 2019 for your team credit. We need time to organize our Volunteers! You can select your task later.

Step 3: Volunteer Confirmation Email

  • Print and Save your Volunteer Confirmation email.

  • No confirmation email? You aren't registered!!! You will receive a VOLUNTEER confirmation email after you successfully register. (The email can take up to an hour or two to be sent.) If you do not receive a confirmation email, you are not registered, try again and verify that you enter your email address a second time before pressing "Submit". (For questions, please contact statevols@txodyssey.org.

 Step 4. Pick your Volunteer Task

  • Pick your Task.

  • Enter your email address: (You do not need to have a password on Signup.com)

  • You must use the same email address that you used for registration so that they can be matched. If you do not complete Step 2, your team will not receive credit.

  • Review the available tasks. You can sign-up for more than one task. There will be two lists of jobs. One for pre- or post-tournament jobs that can be selected early. This is a good option for anyone who does not want to work during the tournament hours. The second list will be published two weeks before, for on-the-day tasks.

  • BE SURE to review all available dates before, on tournament day or after.

  • You must select your task by March 29, 2019 but the longer you wait, the fewer choices you will have.

  • You will receive a separate confirmation email for the task as well as a reminder closer to the date.

  • If you need to review or modify your task, please use the link in your Volunteer confirmation email, or the link in the task email, up to 4 days before tournament.

  • If you do not select a task yourself by the deadline, the Volunteer Coordinator will assign you a task, around your team long term schedule. Choices will be more limited then.

Attention: If  you pick a job but fail to register, your team cannot get credit. Your coach will get reminders that they do not have a volunteer. Please do it right, we have over 300 volunteers for some tournaments.

You must perform TWO  steps: Register in the national database (odysseyofthemind.com) and pick a job (signup.com).