It Takes a Village

If you are willing to help, we’ll take you up on it! No matter how little time you have, there is always a job to suit your availability and skills. Here is a list of all our volunteer positions and contact points:


SCHOOL COORDINATOR: Promotes the program. Acts as liaison between school administration and teams.

COACH: Coaches a team of up to 7 members. Practices spontaneous problems. Arranges skills workshops, take teams to shop. Works with team parent to split responsibilities. Delegates!

PARENT: Drives team members around (we don’t under-estimate what it takes!), helps coach with finances, team logistics, spontaneous problems. NO outside assistance!

TEAM VOLUNTEER: Represents the team to help with local, regional or state workshop or competition. Jobs vary from manning a table to sales, food service, judging, etc.

For any of these jobs, contact your local school coordinator or coach.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Coordinates all the preparations for a tournament. Prepares materials and supplies. Recruits and assigns jobs. Delegates!

SITE DIRECTOR: Manages site set-up and infrastructure on tournament day. Coordinates with school staff/ vendors for janitorial, security, maintenance issues, as well as clean-up/restoring of site .after tournament.  

PROBLEM CAPTAIN: Prepares and conducts training for judges.  Determines site pre-requisites for the specific problem. Organizes site set-up. Manages problem during tournament.

JUDGE: Attends judge training. Spends 1-2 days judging teams at tournaments.

2-HR VOLUNTEERS: Helps tournament operations with untrained jobs such as T-shirt pick-up, pin sales, crowd control, hospitality, check-in, driving rental truck, supplies loading, thank you cards, etc.

TOURNAMENT STAFF: Manages a small operation pre/post or during tournament. Ensures training and continuity between shifts of 2-Hr Volunteers.

For any of these jobs, contact your region director, school coordinator or coach.


ASSOCIATION DIRECTOR: Promotes program at State level. Recruits Problem Captains and other Directors. Enforces membership and problem rules.

REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Acts as delegate of the Association on a regional level to promote the program in local districts, and secures site for judges training and tournament.

BOARD MEMBER, DIRECTOR: Provides the administrative infrastructure for the association. Handles procedure, finances, local and federal government compliance.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Participates in functional teams with specific focus such as t-shirt & pin design, sales strategy, inventory, fulfillment, scholarships, Creativity Festival, State teams mixer event, promotion at World Finals, etc.

SENIOR STAFF: Supports the Association with high-level responsibilities such as judge or volunteer coordination, online registrations, team qualifications or receivables. Documents job descriptions for tournament staff and volunteers.

For any of these jobs, contact your region or association director.

For a list of administrative job descriptions, click here.