Tournament Staff Information (HARO)

This section is for Houston Area tournament only.

Welcome prospective Tournament Staff! You are visiting this web page because you are curious, or interested to help our wonderful program or represent a school that has 4 or more teams at a Houston tournament.  Either way, thank you!

So, what does a Tournament Staff (TS) do? As you may be aware, we are a 100% volunteer organization. Everyone at the tournament is a volunteer. We have, in the last few years, drastically outgrown our administrative team in Houston and decided to break our huge task into smaller, manageable jobs. This is what a TS does. A TS who has a job on tournament day typically supervises several 2-hr volunteers and ensures continuity throughout the day.

Does my school/membership need to provide a TS? If your school has registered 4 or more teams for the HARO tournament, check the team qualifications for HARO to determine how many TS you need to provide.

How to become a TS?

Step 1: Click on TS job descriptions for HARO. This is NOT the same job list as 2-hour volunteers.

Step 2: Review the options available. You can sign up by email when you find a job to your liking to lock it in.

Step 3: Email   to rsvp for one of the three orientation sessions for TS, indicating your school name. You should not come to an orientation session without rsvp as we may not have instructions and materials ready for you.:

 a) Tuesday, February 12, 2019  - from 8 to 9 pm
 Location: Corner Bakery Cafe, Montrose/Heights
107 Yale Street, (I-10 eastbound, off Yale near Walmart parking lot)


 b) Friday, February 15, 2019 - from 8 to 9 pm
Location: Corner Street Bakery, West University location
 2615 Southwest Freeway, Suite 100, (I-59 Northbound near Kirby Dr.)

TS orientation sessions are hosted by Lilian Wannall, Director or the Volunteer Coordinator for HARO. TS who are returning to fill the same position as last year can be exempt from TS orientation if they do not need to pick-up materials. Please contact us to confirm.

Step 4:  Register in the TS database to provide all contact information.

You make our life so much easier - thank you!